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a woman standing in front of a wall with paper flowers and leaves hanging from it
an arrangement of colorful flowers arranged on a white surface
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there is a toilet and some stars on the wall next to it with writing utensils in front of it
Frosted Paper Celestial Wall Art
a bird made out of cardboard sitting on top of a table
six wrapped presents with different designs on them
two bracelets made out of newspaper strips
Trashion – Page 2 – Trash Fashion
Use a shredder to shred magazines. Glue each shred to a wooden bracelet. Finish with clear gloss (could use clear nail polish). Recycled Magazine Bangles
six wrapped presents with different designs on them
four different colored papers are sitting on the floor together, one is torn and the other has been folded
How to Make Paper Cloth Flowers Like a Pro - Cloth Paper Scissors
In this tutorial, artist Diana Trout shows you how to use muslin and paper to create a garden of paper cloth flowers in rich autumn hues.
there are many pieces of paper on the table next to some scissors and glues
Paper Gem Making Tutorial
Make paper gems for wall art or jewelry. #papergems #paperjewelry #papersculpture
two different colored origami stars sitting on top of a black table next to each other
How to make Bicolor Geometric Paper Star Origami
Origami star
two pieces of paper sitting next to each other on top of a carpeted floor
Sliceforms are my new obsession
Papercrafts and other fun things: Sliceforms are my new obsession
a man is holding a paper cut out of a lobster
Paper Sculptures You Can Make
Éric François, low poly model designer, is constantly creating clever new designs for you to cut, fold, and glue. #lowpoly
four empty trays with different shapes and sizes in them on a blue table top
Egg Carton faces
These are just the coolest funny faces made just from egg cartons. Check out the MINI MAD THINGS craft blog for lots of fun craft activities to make with your kids.