Friendship bracelets

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step by step instructions on how to tie an ornament
Scorpion style friendship bracelet for guys. I'm gonna try and make this for my crush...
an image of the same pattern as shown in this diagram, but with different colors and numbers
Pattern #5708
the pattern is shown in yellow and grey, with black lines on each one side
Pattern #3718
friendship bracelet patterns - 12 Strings, 2 Colors. Sun and Moon.
an image of the same pattern as shown in this example, it is very difficult to see
16 strings, 3 colors, 20 rows
the knitting pattern is shown in black and white, with different stitches on each side
Pattern #60
9 strings, 10 rows, 2 colors, bracelet
an image of some sort of pattern that looks like it is made out of paper
Pattern #39374
12 strings, 3 colors, 32 rows haha!
an image of a knitted pattern in blue and black
Pattern #61424
11 strings, 6 colors
a cross stitch pattern in black and white with an arrow on the bottom right corner
Pattern #3308
Friendship bracelet