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four pictures showing how to fold an origami paper airplane with instructions on the side
a jar of sliced red olives with blackberries in the bottom and an image of a fish on top
scandinavian graphic design - Google Search
a glass jar filled with moss sitting on top of a table
scandinavian graphic design - Google Search
three different views of the inside of an open book with paper cut out to look like boats
Wedding Invite by JEFFERSON CHENG
the tape has been placed on top of each other
DIY custom masking tape address labels
the process of making an envelope with cd's and cds on it is shown
Amen.Ophis, by Ghone
DIY packaging for 3inch CDr release of Ghone (experimental/drone music artist). steaming/purchasing link: Graphic Design, Paris, Collection, Design Inspiration, Design Art, Graphic Design Inspiration, Creative
Home - Griottes
the inside pages of an open book with feathers on it and two photos in them
Branding: Music CD cover design for Lonely Mountain Bows. Alternative folk group from France, Portugal and Argentina. Packaging realized combining feather illustrations, a very simple typography and different paper textures (smooth satineé paper, Polaroid, and cardboard).
an orange and white presentation board is shown in three different positions, including the bottom one with
First Aid Kit
Concept: First Aid Kit - via
a collage of photos with the words christmas day on them and buildings in the background
Home - Griottes
two candles that look like cats sitting next to each other, one is pink and the other is grey
Welcome to
PyroPet. The cat candle with a skeleton!
an egg carton filled with eggs next to hay wrapped in burlocks and two packages of eggs
Sustainable Egg Cartons Made from Heat-Pressed Hay
Ecologic Egg Packaging. This is awesome! #designpackaging #eco
a candle that is in the shape of a castle and it's box next to it
Fitting packaging for a spaghetti brand called NYC.
Fitting packaging for a spaghetti brand called NYC. | 31 Mind-Blowing Examples of Brilliant Packaging Design