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The Unified Chakra ☽ "Here in my chest a Star came out so clear it drew all Stars into it." ~ Rumi [art by Alex Grey] Alex Gray Art, Psy Art, Mystique, Visionary Art, Psychedelic Art, Native American Art, Sacred Geometry, Mandala, Mindfulness


“Here in my chest a Star came out so clear it drew all Stars into it.” ~ Rumi art: alex grey

Panel 4 of Nature of Mind by Alex Grey Awareness supreme . Reveal the mandala of Great Perfection, A resplendent Buddha, I. Alex Grey, Alex Gray Art, Psy Art, Visionary Art, Sacred Art, Psychedelic Art, Fractal Art, Sacred Geometry, Trippy

Nature of Mind

“One morning, a series of seven visions flashed into my mind. As soon as I drew one image, another replaced it until I had drawn a complex seven-stage journey of a wanderer discovering the spiritual path, having an introduction to his own true nature, embodying that truth, and reentering society. I spent the next year …

Wonder - Zena Gazing at the Moon, acrylic on paper 16 x 20 in. Alex Grey To accompany Purple & Orange segment; igniting a sense of wonder in the universe; the initial step in the progress of the soul Alex Grey, Alex Gray Art, Trippy, Psy Art, Poster Prints, Art Prints, Process Art, Visionary Art, Psychedelic Art

a arte espiritual e psicodélica de alex grey

Alex Grey hipnotiza, com sua arte mostrando a realidade da anatomia, do espírito e do cosmo em múltiplas camadas ele trouxe inovação e maravilha à arte contemporânea. Deixe-se entorpecer por suas criações, um deleite em forma de imagens.

hellolucille: “ lucifelle: “ alex grey ” anatomy of a kiss ” Alex Grey, Alex Gray Art, Art Gris, Bad Trip, Art Visionnaire, Art Gallery, Psy Art, Visionary Art, Psychedelic Art

Psychedelic Spirit Paintings, Alex Grey Art Gallery - Third Monk

Alex Grey is known for his paintings of glowing anatomical human bodies, that "x-ray" multiple layers of reality; an integration of body, mind, and spirit.

The Visionary Spiritual Art of Alex Grey. Alex Grey Paintings, Poster Wall, Poster Prints, Alex Gray Art, Psy Art, Art Brut, Giacometti, Visionary Art, Psychedelic Art

We all survive the physical death of our bodies | Alternative | Before It's News There’s a secret that’s much bigger than politics, health freedom, science or even the entire history of ...

Alex Grey - The Kiss creative psychedelic art Alex Grey, Alex Gray Art, Psychedelic Art, Art Gris, Mandala Nature, Art Visionnaire, Psy Art, Visionary Art, Oeuvre D'art

Psychedelic Drugs, Technologies of Ecstasy - Jason Silva - Third Monk

Jason Silva explores shamans of modern culture and how psychedelic drugs can reset the "self", opening it up to new visions that transform our perceptions of reality.

Psychedelic Art - explore the Visuals of Psytrance, Digital and traditional artists, more than 40 galleries: Alex Grey, Android Jones. Alex Grey, Alex Gray Art, Psychedelic Art, Art Gris, Art Visionnaire, Cosmic Art, Psy Art, Visionary Art, Sacred Geometry

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“"You disappear, then creativity is – when the Creator takes possession of you." –Osho (image: Cosmic Artist, 2014)”

CoSM is raising funds for Build Entheon with Alex Grey & Allyson Grey on Kickstarter! Help bring Alex Grey's world renowned Sacred Mirrors exhibition back on view by completing the construction of Entheon. Alex Grey, Alex Gray Art, Grey Art, Allyson Grey, Everything Is Energy, Taoism, After Life, Quantum Physics, Visionary Art

Universal Mind Lattice

Thine own consciousness, shining, void, and inseparable from the Great Body of Radiance, hath no birth, nor death, and is the Immutable Boundless Light. - Padmasambhava