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there is a treadmill in the middle of this room
Bahrain 2021 / 500 sq. m. 4 floors.
a wooden shelf with metal objects on it and a phone hanging from the wall next to it
Gym Storage for Accessories and Weights
A completely bespoke design for a home gym or studio, made in Limed Oak & Stainless Steel. Originally designed for a specific project, the storage wall has been conceived to fit in an alcove in our client’s gym, and holds vertically a Technogym Balance DomeVluv Stov Ball, Skipping Rope, Power Bands and of course a bespoke set of our Paragon Studio Diabolo Dumbbells. At the base 3 cubbies store Airex Cork Yoga mats and Eleiko Kettlebells.
a large gray cabinet filled with lots of gym equipment and hanging hooks on it's sides
How We Built This: Our Home Gym
How We Built This: Our Home Gym
Start Healthier Life Now!
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a room with yoga mats and plants in it
What To Consider When Planning A Home Gym
a gym with exercise equipment and a flat screen tv mounted on the wall above it
10 Home Gym Ideas to Inspire Your Fitness Goals
DIY Pegboard Gym Wall
(paid link) Whether you love yoga, follow these easy decor tips to create ... Bringing nature into your workout space is a great substitute for ... Home Gym Ideas Small Bedroom, Home Gym Ideas Small Garage, Home Gym Design Garage, Garage Gym Ideas Small
Amazon.com: Workout Room Decor - All Discounts
a gym with exercise equipment and mirrors in the wall, as well as an exercise bench
Family Friendly Retreat - Transitional - Home Gym - Milwaukee - by HAVEN INTERIORS LTD. | Houzz
there is a rack with kettles and dumbbells in the room that has a wall mounted gym equipment
10 Ways to Add Tranquil Spa Vibes to Your Home Gym — True Style with Ari
a living room with a punching bag and boxing gloves on the floor next to it
Our Home Gym