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three yurts in a field with mountains in the background
Kirgistan. Jezioro Songköl
two people sitting on benches in front of yurts with snow capped mountains in the background
Son Kul lake
a red and blue tent sitting on top of a white floor next to two poles
казахский орнамент юрта шанырак рисунок: 2 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс Картинках
an old man sitting at a table with food in front of him on the floor
a person sitting in a chair with food on the table and decorations hanging from the ceiling
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a person's hand reaching up to the sky through a circular opening in a ceiling
Башкортостан. Bashkortostan aesthetic
Башкортостан, юрта, звездная ночь, башкирка, башкирские украшения
a woman in red is sitting on the ground with a guitar and wearing a hat
В Актау прошел показ коллекции казахской национальной одежды
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a woman dressed in traditional chinese clothing pouring tea from a pot on a table with other items around her
Boho kazakh way
a woman standing in front of a wooden door wearing a dress and headdress
Photo by gazizaaz@instagram
Photo by gazizaaz@instagram
an image of a painting with people in it
jaksylyk_art 🇰🇿
a painting of a woman holding a teapot
"Узбечкa" Художник-иллюстратор Anna Shershen. Казахстан.