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three people standing next to each other with one pointing at the camera
jim, archie, and olu
an image of a woman in black and white with text that reads pretty sure given just walks around like this at least 70 % of the time
Why Do We Reward Stupidity?
In America, not only is stupidity not frowned upon, but it's encouraged. Reality shows like "The Jersey Shore" and "Buckwild" reward ...
Nice outfit Hipster, Fashion, Style, 80s
Nice outfit
some people are standing together and one is holding a guitar
a drawing of a woman sitting down with her hand on her face and looking off to the side
Avengers, Fandom, Heroes, Marvel Characters
two people are standing side by side, one is holding his head to the other's ear
Character Design Male, Character Poses, Anime Character Design, Character
Swordsman , YUNGUN (Yun Ikwon)
an anime character is walking down the street with his hand on his hip and wearing ripped jeans
Swordsman , YUNGUN (Yun Ikwon)
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March 21, 2014 | Moda botas hombre, Estilo de ropa hombre, Ropa de moda hombre