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Do You Know How to Tie These 5 Essential Knots?
We'll show you how to become a master maker of five different knots. Including the bowline, figure 8, square knot, sheet bend and the double half hitches. Read on to learn how!
some rocks and sticks are arranged on a card
Commision your own Pebble Picture!
I design and create rustic gifts and décor for the home and office. Including the original AMor Rustic Arts world wide selling Pebble Pictures and batiks.
some rocks with faces painted on them are arranged in the shape of fish and turtle
3 Ideas with Beach Pebbles
3 Ideas with Beach Pebbles
several rocks arranged in the shape of a palm tree on a white surface with writing underneath
Palm Tree - Pebble Art - 11.25 x 17.25 Wall Art
Palm Tree - Pebble Art - 11.25 x 17.25 Wall Art
the letter o is made out of seashells and starfish on a white surface
Amazing Nautical Decorating Ideas You Can Use Anywhere You Live ...
This is a paper mache letter that I have covered and sealed with sand from the beaches of Cape Cod. It is decorated with a variety of seashells, sea glass, beach stones, min-starfish and a mini-sand dollar. Very colorful! These make great birthday and housewarming gifts. They look
three green glass pebbles sitting in the sand near the ocean's edge at sunset
Sea glass
a group of gummy bears sitting on top of a white wall next to a tree
'Seahorse'. This beautiful rainbow coloured seaglass was beach combed from Seaham by GreenFox Floral Art .
a black dog laying on top of a white wall next to green and yellow butterflies
Gefällt 13 Mal, 2 Kommentare - Emily Originals (@shapes_from_the_sea) auf Instagram: „RIP Junie ♥️ #goodbyefriend #labs #labradors #seaglass #seaglassart“
a wind chime hanging from the side of a tree in a field with grass and trees behind it
DIY Wind Chimes Tutorial: Sea Glass Crafts
DIY: Use sea glass collected during your beach getaways (or purchased from your local craft store) to create these coastal wind chimes.
some rocks are arranged in the shape of a dog's paw on top of a wooden
Playing with stones - some lovely ideas for stone play
two gold sailboats with blue beads on them
Όταν η τέχνη συναντά την δημιουργία μπομπονιέρας γάμου !πρωτότυπες μπομπονιέρες γάμου από ορειχαλκο πάνω σε βότσαλο να θυμίζει Ελλάδα!!!by valentina-christina καλέστε 2105157506