r a n d o m ( ᐛ)

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a small white stuffed animal sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a sign that says ya me goilala
Twitter universidad
there is a small toy bear in front of a mirror
Barbie, Self Esteem, Sms, Ego, Energy, Humor, Positivity, Just Girl Things
a white stuffed rabbit with pink ribbon around its neck and the caption says, soy ese un ser sem muy sensenseable y sendable y suavecto para la diaba
the words are written in red and pink on a white background with an abstract design
a woman in a black top is posing for a picture with the words, misma mereda distinto dia
an animated image of three women in bathing suits with the caption blackpink
Blackpink was featured in Shinchan
a woman sitting on top of a tree in front of a heart with words above her
an image of two cartoon animals with caption that reads explain your smollies i'm suavecito
hello kitty sitting at a desk in front of a computer monitor with the caption, no sempre estoy lorando a veces tambien trabjo
a small stuffed animal with a hood on it's head and ears is shown