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there is a small cart with many items on it next to a blue fire extinguisher
a metal bed frame sitting on top of a tiled floor next to a building with windows
a garage with lots of storage and equipment
a room filled with lots of shelves and tools
there are many backpacks hanging up on the wall next to each other in this room
A Christmas gift from my lady - a home made pegboard wall for all my backpacks and EDC
a large metal building sitting in the middle of a forest
a garage with an american flag hanging on the wall and stairs leading up to it
Awesome second floor storage
the garage workshop is empty and ready to be used as an office space for work
Metal Building Homes Az and photos of Metal Building Lake Homes. Tip 62972436 #building #shophouseplans
an empty garage with barstools and american flag on the wall
Best way to clean cut galvanized panels
There must be a way of working this type of design into my craft room... hmmm...