Kelly Lykogianni

Kelly Lykogianni

Kelly Lykogianni
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Typestaches for decorating your mouth or your font by Tor Weeks an art director from San Francisco. The field guide is a very nice inspiration, showing the different moustaches from different Font Misters like Mr. Times, Mr Stencil and the others we know well.

If Fonts Wore Mustaches. In the spirit of ‘Movember’, San Franciso-based art director Tor Weeks has created an illustrated guide that explores the personalities of different fonts and the ‘type’ of mustache they would wear.

wendy's frosty recipe - only 3 ingredients: cool whip, sweetened condensed milk, and chocolate milk.

Wendy's Frosty Recipe - only 3 ingredients: 16 oz cool whip, 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk, and 1 gallon chocolate milk. Add Cool whip and s. milk to ice cream freezer and chill. Add choc milk to "fill" line and turn on machine. enjoy when frothy!

Make that fat cry!

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