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Do you ever want to run away and start over? Wipe the slate clean. Begin all over again with blank canvas? It's okay, we all feel that way sometimes. It doesn't mean you don't love your life or the people in it. It doesn't mean that you wouldn't give your last breath to see them happy. Sometimes when we yearn to be selfish, it means we have been selfless for too long. Selfless by Lang Leav

So true, you can do most things for certain people and they'll fuck you over etc that's life sometimes you can be selfish too for a little while even if it is out of character

French Vocabulary Words for Meal Times and Food - Learn French

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Infographic to learn how to tell the time in French

Educational infographic & data visualisation Infographic to learn how to tell the time in French. Infographic Description Infographic to learn how to tel