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a clock is sitting in the middle of a room with colorful light coming from it's windows
50% OFF SUMMER SALE + FREE SHIPPING FOR TODAY ONLY! Zenstar™ is a botanical-inspired lighting lamp designed to mimic the geometric shapes, colours and patterns found in flowers and plants. Sensory lighting can create a tranquil, soothing environment that promotes comfort and relaxation. It can also stimulate a person’s senses and enhance their enjoyment of a space. This lamp makes a wonderful Zen lamp for yoga spaces, studios or to light up any space to transform into an aura of colors waves!
A frame full of colours
flower centerpiece tutorial
This flower centerpiece is eyecathing and stunning. It is perfect for any ocasion: birthday, baby shower, wedding, anniversaries.etc.
a blue flower hanging from the side of a wall
a hallway with some lights on the wall and a light fixture hanging from the ceiling
Il nostro shop online: scoprite le nostre creazioni e godetevi lo shopping!
a lamp hanging from the ceiling with a dragon wing on it's back end
Lampade: ecco il dettaglio che può fare la differenza!
Little Wing Faerie Art Lamp More
a room filled with lots of different types of flowers and plants hanging from the ceiling
Designers Confirm: These Trends Are Officially “Out” For This Spring
Amazing flowers drying on the ceiling look like an art installation.
a glass cloche with some writing on it sitting on top of a wooden table
Summer Cloches & Simple & Sweet Fridays #21
a white violin sculpture sitting on top of a wooden table
Потертые шикарные украшения для любого пространства
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