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ketty stathatou

ketty stathatou
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Unicorn 'Magical Wound Healing' Plasters at

Our Unicorn 'Magical Wound Healing' Plasters will cure all ouchies!


Good Gifts and Ouch! A Daisy Bandages at Perpetual Kid. Oops a daisy! Someone got another boo boo! A great gift for the clumsy gardener or flower child in

Cuts, scrapes and boo boos just got a little bit easier! These cupcake-shaped bandages will surely sweeten the healing process.

LV Band Aids...  there is something for anything out there :D

Scott Amron of Amron Experimental has come up with a chic way to fashionably "dress your wound" with his "Hurt Couture" black leather bandages or bandaids.