Spring Crafts & Activities for Kids

Spring Crafts & Activities for Kids- Kids can make flowers, umbrellas, and rainbows that will brighten any rainy spring day.
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a paper flower with the words spring crafts for children's church
Easy Spring Crafts for Children's Church
Making a flower is just one of the crafts you will find. Kids can also change a caterpillar into a butterfly or learn about one of Jesus' parables.
a paper cut out of the shape of a flower with text reading kids can make pretty butterflies for spring
Charming Butterflies for Spring for Kids
Kids can have fun this spring making butterflies. Use paint, cupcake liners, or other easy to find materials to make these cute bugs.
a blue flower in a vase with the words pretty flowers for spring
Pretty Spring Flowers Kids Can Make
Kids can make flowers using easy to find materials such as streamers or paper. Some of the crafts don't even use glue.
two paper flowers with the words daffodils for spring written on them and an umbrella
Flowers Kids Can Make
Kids can use cupcake lines to make daffodils and other spring flowers. Some are easy enough for preschoolers to do.
an origami flower with the words have fun making this flower written above it
Spring Flower Crafts for Kids
Even your preschooler can make this flower. Find other flower crafts on the page. There are also some that older kids can make.
an easy rainy day crafts for kids
Fun Rainy Day Picture
Ducks and rain go together. Your kids can make this picture and other rainy day crafts this spring. They are easy enough for preschoolers.
an umbrella and flower made out of paper on a table with text reading make something cute this spring
Cute Flower Crafts
Craft string makes a cute flower for spring. This would make a cute gift for someone. Visit to find even more flower your child will enjoy making.
colorful cala lilies kids can make with paper and construction paper on the table
Pretty Flowers Kids Can Make
A calla lily is just one of the flower crafts your kids can make for spring. By the way flowers make cute gifts.
a flower made out of paper with the words spring flowers kids can make on it
Flower Crafts for Kids
Have your kids decorate the house with flowers this spring. They are easy to do and some don't require glue. They make great Mother's Day gifts! #craftsforkids
a lamp that has been made to look like an umbrella
Easy Weather Crafts
Learn about the different types of weather with these fun crafts for kids. #craftsforkidseasy
the letter b is for boot fun rainy day crafts with pictures and instructions on how to make it
Simple Rainy Day Crafts for Kids
Rainy day crafts for when it is too wet to be outside. #craftsforkidseasy #springcraftsforkids
four different pictures with the words fun spring crafts for kids in front of them and an umbrella made out of paper
Spring Crafts for Kids Easy Rainy Day Activities
Lots of spring crafts your kids can make such as an umbrella, flowers, rainy day projects, and bugs.
bug crafts kids will love to make with paper and construction materials for the insect project
Awesome Bug Crafts for Kids
Your kids will have fun making bug crafts such as beetles, flies, dragonflies and other insects this spring. #craftsforkidseasy
three paper flowers with umbrellas on them and the words easy flowers kids can make
Spring Flowers Crafts for Kids
Have your kids use cupcake lines to make spring flowers. #craftsforkids
two butterflies made out of paper with gold glitters on them and the words easy butterfly crafts
Butterfly Crafts for Kids
Make one or a dozen these butterfly crafts are easy to make. #craftsforkids #bugcrafts #springcraftsforkids