Asombroso reflejo de una corazón en la playa | Amazing reflection of a heart at the beach - #atardecer #sunset

A Letter of Love…. Love is many different things, No two people express it the same way. It sees through the eyes of the heart, And knows the sound of its own voice. Love is Inclusion, It does not .

intracoastal-wanderings: Full moon on Jekyll

intracoastal-wanderings: Full moon on Jekyll

Full moon At Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, GA. All the special things I love La Luna, drift wood, and the beach.

The play between sun and clouds, the dark and light, in nature or in life, makes magic manifest.

will meet you there . Twist, circular opening in clouds, sun shinning down on water. Heaven’s Gate, Portugal

My word for today is 'sole' (sun), which is out today here in Leeds. A couple of expressions? 'Bello come il sole' (lit. as pretty as the sun, when describing a person) or 'Un sole che spacca le pietre' (lit. it's so sunny and hot that the sun is breaking stones or as they say in English a 'sunshine hot enough to fry eggs)

Pier Path to the Sea ~ Photography by LuzzzelmannThis photo was taken on July 2008 in Graal-Müritz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, DE.

The Moon

Beautiful moonrise over the water from a park bench. Never before in my life have I seen the moon so HUGE!

αξιοπρεπεια σοφα λογια - Αναζήτηση Google

αξιοπρεπεια σοφα λογια - Αναζήτηση Google

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... c'éclairs. C'est la nature, non ?

Le coup de foudre, c'est du tonnerre...

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