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the coffee table is made from gold metal and has glass top, with ornate carvings on it
A1048 coffe TABLE cnc-model.com 3D model for cnc router 3D furniture
the table is gold and has ornate carvings on it
A1114 TABLE 3d models for cnc router
two gold frames with ornate designs on them
Decorative Molding Max
3d decorative molding model
an ornate white corbge on a white background
Wood & Oak Corbels - Wood & Wooden Shelf Brackets
Corbel embellished with neo-classical acanthus and egg & dart designs
an unfinished wooden corbge on a white background
10"H X 5"W X 10"D - Medium rounded bracket with beads - Corbel Place
Corbel with Bracket / 10"H X 5"W X 10"D - porch corbels, porch brackets, island corbels, faux wood corbels, acanthus corbels, fireplace corbel, granite countertop corbels | Corbel Place
a large collection of different lines and shapes
Embossed MDF pierced engraved plate lattice ceiling of continental up partition screens in the background of TV wall 79 - iBuyLa_Tmall_Taoba...
two different types of carved wood carvings
3D модели для 3D принтера и ЧПУ ❯❯ Intagli3d
3D model for CNC routers and 3D printers (art. Molding 006)