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Greek New Year's Day Cake - Made this today for the first time, and it definitely requires a 12 inch round cake pan! A has overflowed, but the cake batter was so delightful that I'm going to salvage the cake that's left and hope for the best!

tahinopita / sesame cream cake

I have added diced apples, used brandy, added orange zest, walnut oil instead of olive oil. A rather austere cake

How to throw a Gjelina-style dinner party

How to throw a Gjelina-style dinner party


Lahanodolamdes are Greek cabbage rolls - rice & ground meat get flavored with seasonal herbs, wrapped in softened cabbage leaves & cooked until tender

Greek Spiced Christmas Cookies in Syrup - Melomakarona - from chef Akis Petretzikis.

Aki’s Greek Christmas Honey Cookies- Melomakarona - by Greek chef Akis Petretzikis. Wonderful aromatic, spiced cookies with honey that are like little cakes!

amygdalota recipe - greek almond macaroons

So for my first recipe post I'm going to cheat a little. This isn't my recipe, it's my mums! In fact, I think she got it from a school recipe ages ago, but it's still hers. I wanted to test out the new oven and see if I could get it to work (spoilers: I…

My Little Expat Kitchen: My kind of sweet

My Little Expat Kitchen: My kind of sweet