Princess birthday party

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two children are playing with a princess's crown
"Treasure Chest" punch board for take away goodies! Great alternative to a pinata!
the table is set up with many pieces of paper and confetti on it
Anna's 4 Year Old Birthday Party - Princess Crafts and Activities
a box filled with lots of different colored streamers
45 SUPER FUN 4-Year-Old Birthday Party Activities (2024 Top Picks)
Crafting is always an enjoyable activity for kids at this age, so if you are throwing a princess or fairy birthday party this wand craft kit is just what you need to keep them busy! The kit includes dowels, adhesive-backed sparkly stars, ribbons, and glue dots. See more party ideas and share yours at
there are many crafting items in the trays on the table and one has a sign that says fairy wands
Pink Fairy Birthday Party {Ideas, Planning, Decor, Cake, Idea}