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a christmas tree made out of wine corks is featured in an article on the internet
Yule Pinecones 🌲
So, I was looking for an activity to do related to Yule. I came to find wish pine cones. What you’ll need: •pinecone 🌲 •paper 📄 •matches/lighter 🔥 •ribbon/string What you’ll do: Write a wish or something to manifest for the holidays on the paper. Roll the paper up and slide it in between the pinecone pieces (idk what they’re called! 😅). Hand it up on a tree or decorate your altar. On Yule, take a lighter or match and burn it, releasing it i...
a printable help out santa list for kids to use on their christmas day activities
21+ Printable Secret Santa Questionnaire Templates - Realia Project
23+ Printable secret Santa Questionnaire Download
the ultimate gift guide for an amazon stocking stylist is featured in this post
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