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Organic gardening at home is more fun with painted plant markers

Tips On Choosing Organic Gardening For A Healthier Lifestyle

Organic gardening at home is more fun with painted plant markers

Prepare and brighten your indoor living space with a few plants and our stainless steel garden markers.

Growing Indoor Plants Starts With the Perfect Garden Markers

Garden Markers Are Perfect for Your Indoor Plants Too Indoor potted plants were popular at one time. Then, for a number of years, silk plants became all the rage. Thankfully, living plants are making a comeback. Look for houseplants to become a “new” trend. Rooms feel more welcoming when something living is in them. So, start scouring your local nursery for some easy-to-grow greenery and stock up on garden markers and bring your home to life! Placement Rooms seem more inviting when there is…

New plant markers embed QR codes for interactive experience

Interactive NFC & QR Code Plant Tags & Signs -

Plants Map makes it easy and affordable to order custom, interactive NFC and QR Code enabled plant tags, plant signs and plant labels that connect your plant information to your smartphone.

Tomato Plants Arrived and Reuse of Plant Markers - CREATIVE CAIN CABIN

The Heirloom Organic Tomato Plants that I ordered finally arrived. I wanted Heirloom so I could save the seeds and grow my own next year. I decided I needed to know which plant was planted where if I was going to save seeds. So I recycled last years plant stakes. A quick […]

Custom Printed Labels

Our Plant Markers are engineered to last through the toughest treatment and climates.

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Three Types of Plant Markers to Suit Any Garden

Kincaid Plant Markers

Custom Printed Labels

Plant Tags that Last a Lifetime (Really) | Empress of Dirt

Durable plant markers that will last outdoors through the seasons including hot summers and snowy winters.

One of the Benefits of Using Kincaid Plant Markers is durability, and a quality, handmade product that will last a lifetime of gardening.

Kincaid Plant Markers

How Kincaid Plant Markers Reflects Renewed Interest in Small Business Operations Today it’s hard to find unique stores serving a niche market. And the days of handmade, quality items seem to be rapidly diminishing – but not quite. At Kincaid Plant Markers we still celebrate the art of handcrafted, made-in-America entrepreneurship. Thankfully, Americans seem to be re-discovering the benefits of buying from small business. Passion Translates Into Quality Things made with care are born of…

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Custom Printed Labels

Why Handmade Matters - Small Business Trends

In a world where most things are massed produced, it's nice to be able to buy an uniquely made product. Having that option is why handmade matters.