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a woman's stomach with a small tattoo on the side of her body and an image of a man
Luca Braidotti Tattoo Studio: tatuaggi a Udine
Minimal Venus #venus #girlswithtattoos #minimaltattoo #thinkbeforeuink #tattooed #tattooer #tattooersubmission #tattooartist #lucabraidottitattoo #coldstreet
a woman's arm with tattoos on it and a shell in the foreground
Рождение Венеры
the coat of arms of the city of san francisco, california is shown in green and yellow
Cyprus - Wikipedia
Coat of arms of Cyprus
an advertisement for cyprus showing the country's emblem
Cyprus, Capital: Nicosia, Area: 9251 km², Independence Day: 1 October, Year of event: 1960, Country Code: 357, Currency: Euro * 2267&AV