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Kuriakos Michailidis
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Photography is powerful. It not only changes the photographer, it changes the world.

Don McCullin, is one of the world's most gifted war photographer, whose unflinching photographs brought the horror of war into the homes of the UK throughout the and

Mother and child

Skeleton of mother and baby, who both died during birth. My mother's mother died giving birth to her 8 th child so I guess her skeleton must look like this because the baby died inside of her. How very sad for my Mom to grow up without a mother.

A muslim man in Egypt killed his wife for reading the Bible then buried her with their infant baby & an 8-year old daughter. The girls were buried alive! 15 days later, another family member died. When they went to bury him, they found the 2 little girls under the sand ALIVE! The older girl was asked how she survived & she said "A man wearing shiny white clothes with bleeding wounds in his hands came every day to feed us. He woke my Mom so she could nurse my Sister". Wow.

1984 - A child killed by the poisonous gas leak in the Union Carbide chemical plant disaster. (Pablo Bartholomew) Haunting and sad.i cried seeing these photos !