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From 2.52 Hang On Little Tomato

I don't care how much money I spend on concerts. You can't put a price on a good live musical experience.

Keep those people around til they start showing you the same songs daily.then you know they're stuck in a boring routine, you ain't got time for that shit.

Something live music fans and concert-goers have long known is hearing a band live can’t be topped. Well, Santa brought me a pair of Apple’s Gen AirPods and all I can say is this- i…

It's not just music. It's my life. It's what has gotten me through so much bullshit in life. People say "its just music" my response is "It's so much more than that. It's a way of life. It's a religion." << music is my religion

People who go to concerts regularly are happier, according to a new study. Listening to music alone doesn’t produce the same effect– it’s the act of experiencing music as a community that makes the difference.