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there is a vase with flowers in it on the table next to some other decorations
#handmade#soaps#dıy#soapbouqet#rose#gül#sabun#bath happy_soaps@instagram Happy soaps by Seyda@facebook
a white plate topped with lots of flowers on top of a cloth covered tablecloth
three pink and white flowers sitting on top of a piece of paper next to each other
Assortment Rose Soap
Assortment Rose Soap, by Juliesbits
three small pink roses wrapped in clear cellophane and tied with satin ribbons on white background
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Rose Soap Favors - Gift Set - Party Favors - Wedding Favor - Baby Shower - Guest Soap - Home Living on Etsy, $6.00
a bowl filled with lots of different types of soaps on top of a table
Мыльная серия " Для милой девушки 💜💛☀️" Набор из английской основы Crystal с ароматом баунти) Классическое сочетание сиреневого и жёлтого, нежные мыльные розы, сладости и нежный декор - чистое счастье! #мылоручнойработы#домашнеемыло#любимоехобби#длядушаидуши#красивыйподарок#мыльныерозы#мыльныесладостидлярадости#Тымовское#наширукинедляскуки#длялюбвисердца#чистоесчастье#мыльнаяопера
a vase filled with lots of white and orange flowers
a basket filled with purple and yellow flowers
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a basket filled with cupcakes sitting on top of a counter next to a plate
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a vase filled with green and white flowers
a bouquet of pink roses in a white vase
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