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Cape Cod Couple Transform Abandoned Garage into Immaculate Tiny House for Frequent Guests - When you live somewhere like Cape Cod, you’re bound to have frequent visits from family and friends who want to see the area while taking advantage of free lodging! When Marilyn and Brian realized this dilemma, they decided to transform an abandoned garage on their property into a truly immaculate and cozy tiny house for guests to stay at. We love the cedar shingle siding and window brackets that used…
The Roca Residence Designed by Carlos Delgado is Stunning and Tiny - When renowned architect Carlos Delgado had clients come to him asking for a fully functional house with only a 357 square foot footprint, he rose to the challenge and delivered an amazing tiny house! The total square footage came in at 664 square foot and is owned by a very happy family in Oregon.
The River Road Cottage (800 sq ft)
105 Impressive Tiny Houses That Maximize Function and Style - photos : decoratio
le blob VB3 de l’agence d’architecture belge dmvA est composé de polyester, il…
Dome house | I have no idea what language this site's written in, it's a cool design though.
Beautiful Tiny House! You don’t build the Mobile home. You buy it, and it ships to your location, assembled and ready to use! The Mobile House is therefore a product, rather than a space, meaning it isn’t technically real estate.
The Heritage is the debut tiny house built by Oliver Stankiewicz and Cera Bollo at Summit Tiny Homes, located in Armstrong, British Columbia.
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