Guest Welcome Bags

a bottle of metaka honey with a cloth on it's top and a white object in the background
Metaxa Brandy!
a blue glass eyeball with white lettering on it
The "EYE" for protection!
small brown paper bags with tags on them
{Style Idea} #2 love
DIY perfection!
there are many bags on the table with flowers in vases next to each other
Doily party favor bags | Chickabug
Lovely DIY idea - for guest bags use larger bags, paper doilies and wooden pegs... easy!
the contents of a water bottle and two glasses are sitting next to each other on a table
Some items for Santorini welcome pack... guide book, local nuts, ouzo and shot glasses! Guests will be very happy!
some nuts are in a plastic bag on the counter
Perfect with ouzo or metaxa!
a bag of granola nuts sitting on top of a counter
Include local products such as nuts and some ouzo!
six white cards with words on them sitting on a table next to some glasses and candles
Teaser Tuesday
A really great idea to include!
several pairs of sunglasses with price tags on them
Summer Ohio wedding inspiration - 100 Layer Cake
Sunglasses... for the stay and wedding day!
a basket full of hats sitting on top of a grass covered field next to folding chairs
Fedora hats for the gents and rice-paper parasols for the ladies!
a person holding up a paper card with information about the different types of people on it
Wedding fans plus itinerary of the day
a basket filled with lots of different colored ties next to a sign that says chillly? borrow me
Laced in Weddings
Pashminas to include for an outdoor reception that may turn chilly after the sun goes down
a basket filled with lots of different colored cupcakes on top of wooden sticks
Perth Zoo Wedding by Objektiv Photography
Homemade Fans - customise for your colour theme or general decor style
a wicker basket filled with lots of wooden items
42 Brilliant Beach Wedding Favor Ideas - Weddingomania
Fans for the ladies, either inside the welcome pack or on the chairs at the ceremony