9 Pins
an old fashioned foo - ball table with candles on it in a living room area
Steampunk Industrial Barnwood Coffee Steam Gauge Table #2000
an industrial style light fixture is mounted on the side of a wooden wall with pipes and valves
Steampunk Industrial Pipe Wall Art Light Sconce
industrial pipes and gauges are attached to the wall with light bulbs hanging from them
10 Wall Art Pieces That Will Elevate Your Interior Design
an architectural drawing of a building with green trimmings and blueprinting on the side
Варианты подсветки натяжных потолков -
five light bulbs hanging from the ceiling in a room with white walls and flooring
Wooden Pendelleuchte – Field Maple Slices / Wooden Deckenleuchte / Wood Light Fix … - Holz DIY Ideen