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Kostas Kosmopoulos
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Going Out? Try These Four Creative Ways To Tie A Tie http://www.99wtf.net/young-style/urban-style/college-student-clothes-ideas-fashion-2016/

I've always wanted to know how to tie a tie idk why I just think it's cool

Lamb Cuts

Lamb, Chart of Retail Cuts, Lamb Meat Chart and Food Service Cuts.

It ain't heavy it's my wine. The body continuum!

Red Wine - red wines can vary widely in taste, body, color, scent, and the overall experience they provide. Finding the right wine for the right occasion requires some skill.

How to Develop Your Cigar Palate - CheapHumidors.com Blog

When we published an article about cigar flavor components a while ago, a lot of readers commented and asked us to design a cigar flavors wheel with all th

Because sometimes you don't have time to refrigerate that bottle.

Frozen fruit to chill wine combinations


A Helpful Game of Thrones Map Showing the Major Houses Land Holdings

How to taste a cigar - Tips for developing your palate. A bit snooty but most of these tips ring true. Be really careful with that retrohaling!

The petite corona makes a perfect dog-walking stogie.

Cigar size Chart - Ring gauge - custom cigar sizes - Cigar shapes via Sandra Angelozzi

Here's How To Throw The Ultimate Game Of Thrones Party

All you need for a true Westerosi viewing party.

Ankle/Calf Hermes Wing - this is a potential good style for the flowers growing up around it, and possibly the wing itself.

Teagan is gonna turn herself into a garden with all these plant tattoos.