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Njupeskär Waterfall, Sweden

Winter was so cold that waterfalls froze. Photo of the frozen Njupeskär waterfall, in Sweden. Niagara Falls in The USA and Canada has frozen many times over the years too. Amazing to see.

Cão-da-pradaria-de-cauda-negra (Cynomys ludovicianus) no Parque Zoológico Nacional Smithsonian , em Washington, DC, USA. São mamíferos roedores, da família Sciuridae e do gênero Cynomys. São herbívoros, mas completam sua dieta com insetos.

These Animals May Be Cute, But They Are Actually Secret Cannibal Monsters

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy, also going here in so very anxious! Been there --architect beautiful - people hate americans. Is not thrue that people hate americans, stay with us, americans are welcome !