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Woodland Woman
Woodland Woman
a white mannequin head with ornaments on it
a facebook page with an image of a woman's head covered in flowers and greenery
Editorial Spreads — Susan McLeary a.k.a. Passionflower Sue
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David Yurman & Petal Productions
a dress made out of flowers and leaves in a glass case with the words fleurrs d'vulles on it
Fleurs De Villes - NOËL Seattle
a scarecrow made out of hay and pumpkins
a mannequin is covered with flowers and feathers in front of a brick wall
Ensemble Fall Window Installation
a woman covering her face with moss and lemons in front of her head, surrounded by branches
Palmas, Garden Whimsy, Exhibit, Mannequin Christmas Tree, Mannequin Art, Mannequin Dress, Beltane
Planted Mannequin 'Esperanza'