Zen Hideaway #2, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesië https://www.airbnb.be/rooms/10195504?guests=2&adults=2 (@doyoutravel)

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I remember these!

Collapsible plastic drinking cups - yep, Mama kept them in the glove compartment

_PõP_of *RëD*                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ·✳︎·P̤̊o̱͠ρ͙ ტ̳̅f̰͗ C̤͐o͚̿լ̱̀º̹͛Я͎̇·✳︎·

Blush is a wine made from red grapes but which appears pink or salmon in color because the grape skins were removed from the fermenting juice before more color could be imparted; more commonly referred to as rose.

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

The most awesome images on the Internet

La casa que milagrosamente se salvó de ser arrasada por dos piedras gigantes en Italia.

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A huge boulder detached during a landslide in Ronchi di Termeno in Northern Italy on Jan. The boulder missed a farmhouse but destroyed the barn and stopped in the vineyard.

Ohhh!!!  Look at his rolls...too cute!

9 months later

The Conflict

Michael Godard " The Conflict " Limited Edition Canvas Giclee by - Art Center Gallery

Ummm.... No thank you!

Bumpers in tge bed at night!♡I bet she wears sandals all the time.

what?!!! hahaha parent of the year award

We are never ready to be parents, but come on people some things that you do with your child lack of common sense. And then we start thinking what went wrong when the kids grow up all twisted and stuff

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La rose et le sang - Gothique - une-nocturne - Photos

Σίδερο με κάρβουνα

Σίδερο με κάρβουνα