21 Snappy and Funny Quotes -

21 Snappy and Funny Quotes -

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I  can still barely draw a straight line ..

they were those rage meme faces. and I had a conversation with a person a grade below me on a desk

Can you get through this list without being reminded of your mother?

25 Hilarious Memes That You'll Probably Wanna Send To Your Mom

Good kid

Donald Trump would deport this joke

Can we just acknowledge the fact she has her momma in her contacts list as "birth giver"? <<<< I have my mom in my phone as birth giver also

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What’s BoomerSwag?

This hacker quoted is fake me is nottttt me. One as well wants me to suicide to take ova me nooooooooo this hacker not me whatsoever this is the reason people think I'm,bi n shit cause faker here no the real me us not this hacker is fake

for realsies tho, a bitch aint gonna stay hatin' me for no reason when i found her ass because u bet ur cactus i'm gonna give her a good enough reason instantly

Omfg I'm an atheist catholic and I was already going to go to hell I am going to suffer for all eternity for this.

A Moment Of Silence

A moment of silence. As a female, I find this incredibly hysterical. Maybe I am just cruel, but honestly I would have given back the girl doughnut and eaten the rest.

Definitely happens to every girl

this post speaks the truth>>> I always find this funny

i am a ninja. I love Michael Cera!

Funny pictures about Michael Cera is a ninja. Oh, and cool pics about Michael Cera is a ninja. Also, Michael Cera is a ninja.

Didn't expect that

Didn't expect that

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