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Nikos Konstantinidis
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MERLOT: Rote Johannisbeere, Kirsche, Heidelbeere, Himbeere, Zeder, Minze, Gras, Vanille

Brandy and Wine. The Greatest Wine Advice You Will Find. If you're like everyone else, you can be a little lost when pairing wine with foods. There are many people who are clueless about what wines go with desser

Chardonnay - White Wine © Faber&Partner

Chardonnay - White Wine - Love me some chardonnay white. is that a werthers I see in there? lol :D © Faber&Partner

Descrição aromática da variedade: Pinot Noir

Hmmm, perhaps my favorite - Pinot Noir. The visual depicion of the fundamental aromas common to Pinots from around the globe. Regional variants branch out from here.

CABERNET FRANC  Blackcurrant, raspberry, blackberry, almond, plum, red currant, raw green peppers, ivy, Wet undergrowth, juniper, black pepper, star anise, caraway, Precious Sweet paprika, cinnamon, leather

CABERNET FRANC: Very well known for its varietal aroma of Raspberry, it also presents a refreshing touch of crushed blackcurrant leaf. Its other most frequent aromas are strawberry, gooseberry and licorice violets.