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an aerial view of the beach and ocean with many buildings on it's sides
Checking in to the world's biggest hotel (although it's never had any guests)
The Prora Hotel located in German island of Rugen.The Prora Hotel is the largest hotel in the world. There are 10 000 rooms with windows facing the sea.
a semi truck driving down the road with trees in the backgrouds behind it
an aerial view of a city with tall buildings and a television tower in the background
Fernsehturm, Berlin
an aerial view of a highway with trees and buildings in the background
Berlin tiergarten
the water is calm and blue with buildings in the background, as well as a television tower
Oberbaum bridge in Berlin, Germany
an aerial view of the ocean and beach from above, with trees lining the shoreline
PRORA on the island of Rügen, Germany is a colossal Nazi-planned holiday resort complex.Even though it is ugly and a bit terrifying it belongs among my fascinating travel experiences. It was built from 1936 to 1939. The complex is almost 4.5 kilometers long.
an aerial view of a city with tall buildings
Aktuelle Nachrichten aus Berlin und der Welt - Berliner Morgenpost
Berliner Morgenpost
there are many people walking around in the city square with tall buildings behind them,
Postkarte »Berlin Alexanderplatz«
Postkarte »Berlin Hauptstadt der DDR- Alexanderplatz« mit Darstellung der Weltzeituhr und des Hotels »Stadt Berlin«. Hersteller VEB Bild und Heimat Reichenbach. Die Postkarte befindet sich in der Sammlung des DDR Museum in Berlin.
the moon is setting behind a large tower
the ferrari logo on a red background with gold lettering and an image of a horse
a painting of a sunset over the ocean with trees on the shore and water in the foreground
Hermoso cuadro😍😍
an old red and blue dump truck parked in the dirt