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Lazaros Kolaxis
Lazaros Kolaxis

Lazaros Kolaxis

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Emmanuel Lubezki's 10 Best Instagram Photos

'Gravity' Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki's Instagram Feed

Stanley Kubrick’s Dramatic Photos of 1940s New York City

Artist/cartoonist Peter Arno, with model; photo by Stanley Kubrick.

Photo Gallery: Stanley Kubrick’s Gritty Images of 1949 Chicago

this stanley kubrik fella has a pretty good eye. he might have a future. 1949 photo by the master director.

Stanley Kubrick - Student at Columbia University, 1948

Gallery of Jean Nouvele's 100 11th Ave in NY - 1

Jean Nouvele’s 100 11th Ave in NY

Takis Zenetos Unbuilt Tropes

Τάκης Χ. Ζενέτος, 1926-1977 - Takis Ch. Zenetos, 1926-1977

Round School - Takis Zenetos - Athens Greece

House NA Architect: Sou Fujimoto 藤本壮介 Tokyo, Japan 2011