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this stanley kubrik fella has a pretty good eye. he might have a future. 1949 photo by the master director.

landscaped: “ Chicago by Stanley Kubrick, 1949 ”“Before he started making movies, Stanley Kubrick was a star photojournalist. In the summer of Look magazine sent him to Chicago to shoot pictures.

Takis Zenetos  Unbuilt Tropes

Architecture & Politics Takis Zenetos Unbuilt Tropes Fully inspired by visionary ideas drawn by Takis Zenetos accompanied with the Essay by Ethel Baraona Pohl, Elina Karanastasi and Nikos Skoutelis.

Τάκης Χ. Ζενέτος, 1926-1977 - Takis Ch. Zenetos, 1926-1977

Τάκης Χ. Ζενέτος, 1926-1977 - Takis Ch. Zenetos, 1926-1977

Fargo FX

Shotgun, machete, some Bactine. It’s a side business. I make up these knapsacks for the zombie apocalypse. You know, in case the undead come back to life and the world gets.

Fargo-Lorne Malvo goes on a rampage-Building Shootout murders - YouTube

This footage is ametuer footage and does not belong to me, for recreational use only Fargo tv show on channel *SPOILER ALERT* -Lorne Malvo goes on a killi.

The Snow Apartment / penda

Penda Architects has completed one project, namely the amount of snow apartment located in Zhangjiakou, China where it is the area to ski and is suitable as a place to stay on holiday weekends