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Looking for unique nail designs that just blow you away? We have compiled 77 of the very Best Nail Designs for and can’t wait for you to see them. You have to give it up to these nail artists who are just changing the game with

Geometric shapes are popular in the furnishing house, in clothes, but also and when it comes to manicure. The dark red color in the winter months is hit.

60 Dark Nails for Winter

This is a very nice Trendy Nail Arts Design in nude or pastel colors with rhinestone or diamond or glitters , It gives sophisticated and luxurious looks in your nails. Its just enough glitz to have a stylish yet not overbearing nail art design.


Blue a d silver glitter nails

Wild Belle

Using just 1 maybe 2 design fingers

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Top 30 Trending Nail Art Designs And Ideas - Nail Polish Addicted

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I love long pointy nails but I've never seen Square pointy nails they are like hybrid they're so cool

take a look at The Top 30 Trending Nail Art Designs Of All Season.

Love the colors

We are bringing you the Top 40 Gorgeous Metallic Nail Designs that you can try to copy. Enjoy!

Matte black, diamonds and chrome nails

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Love these designs!

This mani is stunning!

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100+ Best Summer Nail Arts That You Will Try!

100+ Summer Nail Arts That You Will Try

This extremely elegant nail design best of all is suited as a holiday option manicure. Here is used a black-and-blue gel nail polishes as a base and silver

Маникюр | Ногти | Красота

Маникюр | Ногти | Красота

Σοφα λογια!!

Σοφα λογια!!

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