Tight on space? We're obsessed with this built-in Murphy bar that is perfect for summer entertaining on your patio or deck, without taking up much space! DIYing this is so easy, you'll be just as obsessed as we are. www.ehow.com/...

How to Build a Murphy Bar

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Make your life special! Tight on space? This awesome DIY Murphy bar that is perfect for summer entertaining on your patio or deck

Blog post at Love Chic Living : Becky at Family Budgeting has been sharing some wonderful upcycling ideas recently including this one on teacups, and my favourite[..]

Upcycling Interiors: 10 Top Pallet Ideas

DIY basement movie theater using palettes. This would be a cheaper and easier way to do this. I've always wanted a basement movie theater!

Pallet Mirror For My Entrance

Pallet Mirror For My Entrance

I first glued 4 mirrors each) and then created the pallet frame with candles, bottles for bamboos, and racks for the keys and accessories. The final cost was Création d'un miroir pour un couloir d'entrée très étroit.

Learn how to make these awesome DIY Industrial Pipe Stools for your kitchen or…

DIY Industrial Pipe Stools

gray-colour-design-wall-in-room-wooden-rustic-matter-design-wall-mounted-bedside-table-with-three-rectangular-wooden-matter-racks-simple-and-classic-design-wall-mounted-bedside-table-for-bedroom-on-house.jpg 3,276×2,692 pixels

triptych - smart bedside table that is modular, wall mounted, has integrated light and charging dock. portfolio by Art Viger

Classic tie knot instructions

How to tie a tie? Try this simple illustration below. Choose from how to tie a Windsor tie like James Bond or shoot for the classic Four-in-Hand, the widely used skill even for school.

Σπίτι και κήπος διακόσμηση: 15 Από τους παγκοσμίως καλύτερους τρόπους για να μεταμορφώσετε παλιές παλέτες σε έπιπλα εξωτερικού χώρου

Making garden furniture with pallets. Here is an amazing selection of 20 ideas to make your own garden furniture with pallets! Be inspired…Have fun and.

passive speaker

Pivot Koostik Passive Amplifier — Gadgets -- Better Living Through Design

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4er Set Teelichthalter aus Olivenholz Holz