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an illustrated poster with many different types of buildings on shelves in various colors and sizes
Mondrian, Lichtenstein, and Serra Reincarnated as Architects
Archist focuses on famous artists throughout history—and what may have happened had they tried their hand at architecture.
an apartment building with black balconies and windows -&nbspdiscounthotel-worldwide Resources and Information.
two people walking down a walkway between two buildings with balconies on each side
Immeuble LESS | Paris Actualités | Pavillon de l'Arsenal
Immeuble Less, aavp architecture - vincent parreira architecte dplg
an apartment building with balconies and wooden shutters on the windows is seen from above
Passage de la Brie Housing by Explorations Architecture | Dezeen
Passage de la Brie Housing by Explorations Architecture Plus
an apartment building with many windows and balconies
Gallery of 19 Dwellings on Viana Street / García Floquet Arquitectos - 6
Edificio De 19 Viviendas En La Calle Viana / García Floquet Arquitectos
a tall building with many windows and shutters on the outside, against a cloudy blue sky
Hunter Douglas provides innovative solution to prestigious Quay scheme
CUT YOUR AIR CONDITIONING BILL, then let the sun shine in for the winter. Hunter Douglas shutter system, Merchants Quay development at Gloucester Docks
an apartment building with multiple balconies and wooden shutters
Brises solares com moldura em alumínio e barras em madeira. this one by Vettaflex.
an aerial view of a multi - story building
Walden 7 – Salva López
Ricardo Bofill's Walden 7 – utopian vision for social living found form in the cubist heights and halls. // photo by Salva López
three pictures showing different types of beds in the same room, one with a ceiling fan
Open Concept Rustic Modern Tiny House Photo Tour and Sources
DIY electric elevator bed
a woman sitting on top of a bunk bed in a room filled with plants and books
51 Beautiful Bohemian Inspired Designs
Fun and cozy bedroom loft - modern boho design
a bed room with a map on the wall above it and an instagram button
A room that takes you to so many places at once #wanderlust #roomgoals #sourceunknown
a bedroom with bunk beds, rugs and other items on the floor in it
7 Ways To Make Your Dorm Uniquely Yours
Dorm Tip: Make your sleeping area cozy and attractive with comfortable bedding. Putting a fun duvet cover on the bed is one of the easiest ways to add some unique color and personalization to your space to make it feel more like home. Aside from cheering up your room, a duvet cover slips onto your comforter easily, making quick work of getting your bed remade on laundry day.