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many different colored papers and pencils on a white surface with squares, rectangles, and lines
North East
A Black Cover Design: EUC / North East (North Eastから) | North East
two black and white illustrations of people covering their faces with hands while the other one covers his mouth
Manual opening
Manual opening by Rokas Aleliunas
an advertisement with many different vases on it
北欧アール・ヌーヴォー | ちらしDMコレクション
Nordic Nouveau Art Art director cover Artwork Visual Graphic Mixer Composition Communication Typographic Work Digital
a poster with an orange in the palm of it's hand
Urbanic posters s2
Urbanic posters s2 on Behance
an advertisement for a show in the form of a whale, with text below it
poster sculpture exhibition
poster sculpture exhibition on Behance
a piece of black marble sitting on top of a white paper with red tape around it
Baugasm - Best of Year 2
Baugasm - Best of Year 2 on Behance
a poster with an abstract design on the front and back of it, which reads'day
Baugasm Series - Pack 3
Baugasm Series - Pack 3 on Behance
three posters with different colored shapes on them
New Baugasm Tutorial
New Baugasm Tutorial by Vasjen Katro
a man with multiple colored glasses on his face and the image is split in half
21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram
Unique design ideas: Fall in love with this graphic design |
an abstract painting with red, blue and black colors
Discover | Adobe Creative Cloud
Best of Behance: Vasjen Katro | Create
an orange and blue poster with the letter b on it
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"Big Win", Day 098, June 20, (2016/2017), GraphicArt and Digital 3D Design by Vasjen Katro (b. 1984, Albania) - From: [Baugasm Poster Series: One Poster to day, for 365 days].
a poster with the words no yes in white, pink and blue circles on it
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Best of Behance: Vasjen Katro | Create
a poster with an abstract blue and purple design on the back of it's cover
Baugasm Series - Pack 4
This is the next pack of the Buagasm Series. Where 1 poster is designed every day for 1 year.
a collage of photos and text with an image of a woman's face
Baugasm Instagram
Vasjen Katro, Baugasm: One Poster a Day for 365 Days, 2016-present (continuing).
an abstract poster with different colors and shapes
Baugasm Posters by Vasjen Katro
365 days, 365 posters – the Baugasm project by Vasjen Katro.