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Konstantinos Dandolos

Konstantinos Dandolos
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Steve McQueen always had the coolest shades! #northendoptical #glasses

Steve McQueen plays the most stylish anti-hero ever to appear on screen in The Thomas Crown Affair. Directed by Norman Jewison in McQueen acts the part of a debonair ecutive with plans to.

Larry Barbier - Steve McQueen and Neile Adams in 1961 with his beloved Porsche | 1stdibs.com

a recently uncovered snap showing McQueen and wife Neile Adams in 1961 in one of his least-documented rides: a Porsche 1600 Super Speedster. While McQueen's later Porsche are well known, his Speedster is a relative rarity – as are photos of him in it.

Coffee is allowed at any time of the day ☕️ Pinterest - gabzdematos Instagram - gabrielladematos

Coffee Planet was born in Arabia where Arabica coffee was first roasted over 500 years ago. Our goal is to help more people experience the finest global Arabica coffee.