Steve McCurry/Insane asylum, Kabul, Afghanistan

Steve McCurry - Insane asylum, Kabul, Afghanistan “The pain of war has become too much for these men. Wrapped in blankets, they have retreated into themselves. Vulnerable and haunted by demons, they are the uncounted casualties of decades of war.


Gorgeous photo essay from India photos in all).


Ujjain, India / Photography by Steve McCurry


Delight - Fabulous photography ~vollmond, pina by wim wenders, 2011

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Ispired by India Holi Color Festival and Color Me Run. I'm planning on doing a Rainbow photoshot of my girls maybe Ichi. Is the End of school Summer Fun!


Photographer Rakesh JV captured this phenomenal portrait of a girl having her face painted prior to the Maha Shivaratri festival in India, an annual Hindu celebration in reverence of Lord Shiva


Steve McCurry captures how much fun swinging is in this photo from INDIA


Photograph Sera by Leyla Emektar on


Shiva and Parvati—a boy with a girl dressed up as the great God and Goddess of Hindu faith.


Funny pictures about A tiger resting on Buddha's head. Oh, and cool pics about A tiger resting on Buddha's head. Also, A tiger resting on Buddha's head.