You can choose to live your life with the joy of the front row or solemness of the third row. The choice is yours. That's me in the front row with my joy. Those are my coworkers in the third row. Every day is a struggle to keep them from killing my joy.


23 Senior Citizens Who Don't Give A F*@k

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No one cares about you. If he loves you so much why does he cheat on you? Probably cause ur like doing a dead fish. No passion no love just a cold dead fish.

Funny cat

Yes master!


as soon as they get off the court, I'll show you how to play basketball - Kool Kat ~ love♥♥

GPS says…

GPS says…

Black Bear Pass, Colorado a notorious jeep trail that starts from summit of Red Mountain Pass on U. Highway 550 to Telluride, Colorado Yikes I went over Black Bear when I was young and foolish.

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