Konstantinos Tsakiris

Konstantinos Tsakiris

Konstantinos Tsakiris
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These four pictures shows different kinds of shapes that are used to create a pattern of shapes .

Geometric Abstraction using Light Beams by James Nizam.Best neon lighting ideas, an original neon lighting ideas, wonderful neon,

'Suspended stone circle' by Ken Unsworth, Art Gallery of W.A., 1978 - 1981

'Suspended stone circle' by Australian installation artist & sculptor Ken Unsworth (b stone, steel. (suspended from ceiling), wide. via Art Gallery of Western Australia

A Giant Synthetic Crystal Explodes Through Gallery Floors at the School 33 Art Center in Baltimore

Points of Contention by Jonathan Latiano December 30 2012 American artist Jonathan Latiano created the Points of Contention installation at the School 33 Art Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

Furniture combing the cast aluminium and wood.The negative factor of burnt wood is transformed into aesthetic and emotional value. Preservation of the natural form of the tree trunk within the explicit boundaries. The general,squared form intensifies the artificial feeling, and in the same time keeps the memory of the material.           …

Israeli designer Hilla Shamia uniquely joins the materials of aluminum and wood in this Wood Casting series. Using a whole tree trunk, Shamia pours molten aluminum directly onto the wood, which burns the surface and darkens the wood.