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X-Tale - Epictale // Gaster - Cross! Sans and Epic! Sans // Sans X - Epic

I created a fusion of Cross and Epic… it’s incompatible. ( I broke some rules for the luls. X-Epic

Chapter two page 11

Stand-in Chapter one 05 Let me explain: Chara doesn't hate Frisk here, the only thing he wants to do is to provoke Sans.Relationship: Sans x Frisk ○ In this story, Chara .

Stand-in Chapter two 07 Previous Next ====== ○ Relationship: Sans x Frisk ○ In this story, Chara is male and Frisk is female ○ If you found any obvious mistake on English usa.

Undertale- gifts 01 by christon-clivef

i can only make dialogue-less comic due to my dying English I just want to try to be funny.

of: quantumtale

of: quantumtale