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The 2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo

The 2017 Porsche... More

DIY Branch Shelf

Build cheer and deck the halls with this fun-to-build DIY Branch Shelf. See instructions here. This DIY Branch Shelf is an easy way to decorate with nature and bring the outdoors in. Learn how now.

Home security system sign! Law Enforcement Today

I read lots of articles about punching and the jury still seems to be out on whether punching is advisable or not in a self defence situation. Generally speaking if you have not taken time to condition your hands to impact, perhaps on a heavy bag or some kind of strike pad, then punching is not your best option in a fight.

Rener Gracie #McDojo #McDojoLife

Krav Maga addict. ;)

Random Inspiration #22

Who can argue that this home is less than perfect.... The symmetry is wonderful for OCD people like me!

Water water everywhere! Wow! >> this is amazing! I want to try it!

unique indoor swimming pool in a tunnel underneath or next to the house!

More hidden rooms ... too cool. Secret Passageways to Hidden Rooms |