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this is so sad!anyone agree?I cant even right now!Going way to insane for zayn!miss you zayn!

this makes me sooo happy:) all i think about was that amazing night<3 so glad i got to see them again!!

The boys shots from the intro video at concerts, something Ill never get to see in person because Im broke. And sad about no tickets. And sad about poverty.

One Direction. Harry as much as I love you I'm not sure I love mushroom head. Your still perfect and your hair still looks lovely, but not as incredible as in august XD >>>*you're LONG HAIR DON'T CARE

Unlike her mother Grace Armstrong, Deborah is full of courage, life and energy. She’s a full blown biker chick with a trim and athletic body, long dark wavy hair, and a pretty and very feminine face.

Rebellion -the look she gives them, when she learn the truth threw the enemy mouth. Slight sadness but is able to push it down