Can't let me go

She lifts the musky veil and looks at it with tearful eyes, for this was to be her veil. The veil she would wear on her wedding day. The day that she dreaded. The day she married the vampire.


Movement- This picture clearly shows movement, as the young girl is flipping her hair. It is obvious it is in mid motion because of how her hair looks. Also, the way she is posing is very graceful. The colors are something that caught my eyes as well.


On the wind "I love photos like this, when something as simple as grass becomes ethereal through the angle and the light.


I love this kind of and white, little moments and gestures that say a million things.


Beautiful Silhouette by the Window / Marta Syrko. love the rim lighting, the light traps created by her arms and the partia reflection of her dress.

Wow!  Love the movement, color, expression.

Lana L IV By Daria Zaytseva. Classic pose done to the max of perfection. Love the dress and the pose.

500px / Untitled photo by Lena Dunaeva

Portrait Photography by Moscow, Russia-based photographer Lena Dunaeva (Pose) boudoir for the shy girl

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Master photographer Gabe McClintock shared with us Nicole and Jon's romantic pre-wedding session, captured in the dramatic scenery of Point Reyes.