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Geisha in spring

"Takahiro: Spring in Gion" ~ Takahiro, a maiko of the Gion Kobu geisha district in Kyoto, surrounded by cherry blossoms along the Shirakawa stream. (Photo by Melissa Rose Chasse, April

diy weed killer, let the battle begin!

Natural Weed Killer 2 cups table salt 1 gallon white vinegar (make sure it has 5 percent acidity) 8 drops liquid dishwashing soap , preferably Dawn Directions: 1 Mix this up in a large container and then put some in a spray bottle. (This kills grass too)

wooden trellises for tomato plants

Growing the Best Paste Tomatoes Yields Fresh Salsa and Sauce Homemade ketchup, tomato paste, spaghetti sauce and fresh salsa are just a few of the great recipes you can make from fresh tomato varieties.