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You can't fix stupid. But you can sedate it. - True quote about stupidity. This is exactly why I chose not to be a nurse.you have to deal with too much stupid!

Nursing 70's, 80's and early 90's

Real memories - what nurses used to wear. Yes I wore all white dresses, hose, and nursing shoes. I didn't have to wear my cap once I graduated from nursing school, but I had to wear it to all my clinicals. That was 1979 - 1983 (me too !

Image for the 1943 movie So Proudly We Hail. #vintage #nurse #uniform #movies #WW2

1943 movie "So Proudly We Hail" - Paulette Goddard models a US Army Nurse Corps uniform for her role in the movie.

1952 Life Magazine - Crinoline Petticoats - I wonder if we could make something like this for our dresses?

The use of heavily structured undergarments to shape and form the female body continued into the fifties, when every woman had a girdle for that tiny waist, a pointy, pointy bra and hoop skirts or petticoats for evening dresses.

Eve Eden, vintage lingerie 1950s

Tap pants are lingerie shorts that were popular from the to They are also known as French knickers. Today it is still possible to find some authentic vintage tap pants or equally beautiful replicas by retro inspired lingerie brands.

Undergarments of -- tulle petticoats were very popular under skirts and dresses in order to give a crinoline-type appearance, elastic corsets / girdles were used to create a smooth shape and a narrow waist, bullet bras are introduced

Wow! That's a serious bullet bra.

the–retro–housewife: “ Longline Bullet Bra ” The always stunning Diane Webber AKA Marguerite Empey (wearing more clothes than usual)